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Fasting for one year

Sahajmuniji, an Indian monk and his one year fast, when he drank only water. The article is written by Y.P.Rajesh.

Alenara's web site mainly about breatharianism.

The Breatharian Instititute of America of Wiley Brooks.
Úvod - Prá Breatharian Kirby deLanerolle, Living without food, Spiritual food, John 4:32.
www.coloncleansingforum.comA forum on the topic of all-natural, herbal colon cleansing.

Colon Cleansing and Cleanse Zone - An informative site with lots of content and articles on colon cleansing.

Fasting Center International.

Website full of useful info about fasting. Spiritual Bodywork and Breatharianism from Spirit via john mcalpin.
Jasmuheen's web site.

Жизнь на энергии света.
Living on Light in Russian.

Dedicated to spiritual matters, also about non-eating. Jardineiros das Estrelas (STARGARDENERS)
Relatório sobre fenômenos Celestes misteriosos que parecem indicar que a Evolução Humana se dirige para um futuro com Alimentação Pránica.
White Light of the Ether - Living in Ligt. written by Lena
Breatharian blog by Lena.

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